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Instant Noodles – Heart of Fast Food Lovers

Recently, the problem of fried seems to be the focus of public criticism. In the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology recently held a consumer class of the General Assembly of Chinese flour products, the experts answered the various questions of instant noodles supplier for consumers.

The truth is that to fry noodles with live oil. According to the problem of frying noodles with repeated oil, the experts said that if that is the large noodle production enterprises, and fried 500 pieces of noodles in one minute, and calculate with 24 hours of continuous operation of the production line, each piece of dough after frying, it will take away 16 percent to 18 percent oil, and fried cans continue to add new oil, so the oil in the tanks is live.

The experts say that palm oil has better oxidation stability than other vegetable oils, dough in airtight containers of palm oil, thermostat maintained at between 160 ℃ ~ 170 ℃, fried 105 seconds, to avoid the oil temperature is too high or not stability so that there may be harmful substances. But small workshop production is small, cool fried oil overnight and then reheating, and again becomes cool, so that repeated changes in oil temperature, which is easy to produce carcinogens. So consumers should buy instant noodles of the brand, safer and more secure.

Then, let us have a look at the healthy eating method of vits noodle recipe. The experts say instant noodles in the same weight can provide more calories than bread, rice. To the people in some emergency situations, you can replenish the energy, and even save lives.

If you use instant noodles meal to replace the meal, you are best to preferably match vegetables and fruits, you can also add an egg or a small amount of soy, and seasoning powder packets and materials package put about half. The soup is best not to drink, which can greatly reduce the intake of salt and grease. If you worry about the oil in the noodles, first with hot water to soak the noodles, and then pour the water, at last add hot water and seasoning packet, well, you can enjoy the healthier and safer vit’s instant noodles.

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