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Why It Matters Where Your Wholesale Tea Comes From

Are you one of those quintessential tea lovers and recently had a refreshing cup of tea? You could be wondering where the tea came from. It is obvious that how and where the tea is cultivated can make all the difference in its quality and taste. There is also a significant impact on the people and on our planet.

Are the tea leaves organic?

Not many people are aware that the tea leaves are washed the first time when they are brewed. It also means that the tea that lands up in the tea cup is likely to be sprayed or treated. However, a good tea garden is the place where pesticides are not used for treating the teas.

Thus, you can be assured that each sip you relish is healthy, fresh, and clean. A reputed tea grower will not use any kind of chemicals in the tea. Rather, they practise organic farming techniques, such as natural pest control, bio-fertilizers, and cover crops.

Transparency matters

A majority of tea organisations source tea from multiple tea gardens all over the planet. It also signifies that there is little control on the final tea that comes to our home. However, you can be certain of good quality tea if it is sourced from an organic tea garden.

We need to remember and understand that the kind of control that the tea company has matters a lot. They should have complete control over different aspects of the tea treatment process, the land where these leaves grow, and the workers who grow it.

 If the tea is stored in a warehouse for months waiting to be brokered or blended, the quality will not be the same. On the other hand, if the waiting period is less and the tea comes directly from a garden, you can get the freshest tea.

Revolutionary farming approach

The way farming is carried out in a tea garden also matters a lot. The tea from two tea gardens will never smell or taste the same. After all, each tea grower is different and unique. If a tea-grower uses natural farming practices, the taste of the tea will be superior and will linger for a long time to come.

Try getting your tea from a place where they do not use unnatural irrigation practices, machinery, or pesticides while cultivating the crop. When environmental-friendly cultivation practices are used, the tea-growing regions also flourish and regenerate the ecosystem.

A great cup of tea depends on where and how it is cultivated. The quality of the tea leaves varies from one tea garden to another. When the tea you drink has substandard leaves, you will have a bad taste in your mind. It will ruin the experience of your tea.

So, next time, before you purchase a packet of tea, do a little homework on where they are sourced from. The place where your wholesale tea comes from can be judged from its taste, smell, and look. In the end, we just have one piece of advice for you. Choose one of the reputed tea manufacturers for that delicious cup of tea.

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